poster examples

    Front page of news pick up from two newspapers. pick up the political headline from two newspaper, The Times and the guardian. Left wing has orange color and Right wing has blue color. (their typical color)

All Headline notes from The Times

All words are pick up from The Times. 2013, Oct 23. [Politic] Major attacks ‘navel-gazing’ Tory tendency Facebook attacked by Cameron for showing film of beheadings Politicians will block third Heathrow runway [Front page of news] Crisis at centre of policing laid bare ‘It’s time to make them wear a camera on duty’. [Animal] Zoo…


Infographics references

http://blog.crazyegg.com/2012/02/22/infographics-how-to-strike-the-elusive-balance-between-data-and-visualization/ http://infographicality.com/bad-infographics-32/ http://depositphotos.com/22670305/stock-illustration-Travel-and-tourism-infographics-with-data-icons-elements.html http://www.pushforwardartistmedia.com/graphic-design/infographics-for-brockhaus-graphic-design-thursday/ http://nowsourcing.com/2011/08/25/infographics-social-media-maniac/


The Actors Who Living In Newspapers

still looking for other element suitable to this “get rid of EU man” ===== A collection I wanna try. I think that would be interesting when collected the photos from newspaper everyday and combine them together. *the photos should be different from every day of course. *some people may appear many times (they are figures)…


Fiona Banner – Fighter Planes

At the book launch at Cubitt Gallery in April, Banner stated that her new book was ‘all about nature’. This can be taken literally: the bird-watcher and plane-spotter (and their manuals, and their banal-listings of observations) are no doubt closely related. The names of the planes, too provide a lexicon of nature, adopting the names…


Peter Kennard – political image

Dispatches from an Unofficial War Artist, 2000 Foreword by Ken Livingstone MP, Mayor of London Introduction by Amanda Hopkinson ‘In its form and power, Peter Kennard’s art ranks among the most important of the late twentieth century. It is important because it breaks the consensual silence surrounding the most urgent issues of the day. His…


William Kentridge Print Archive

Kentridge: “In doing these prints,I was interested in the way in which projections can give large scale to images – becoming a kind of heir to the fresco tradition in thw way that they cover a huge wall with an image. I was thinking about projections as a way of seeing the world, a contemporary…