Design is a smart way to represent your feature,
to influence others, your friends, your colleague, your enemies,
even the World.

I believe that many things have blak side and white side.

If you drop some pure color, that will change my pure color.
I may become other kind of color, even become a colourful person.

I am quite like drawing in really dark black. It’s pure, clear, simple and innocent.

You can said it may be difficult to change my dark color;
but you also guess that the dark has already composed of many colours.

For me, design means development and improvement.
It’s also like am experiment,
try, try, try many times,
many ways,
try to discover the better outcome.

I feel happy when something getting better through the clever design.

Sometimes it’s a switch,
reversing your angles and think in the opposite way.

We always

Make the simple become abundant


Make the chaos in order.


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