Newspaper work II


Recently I bought kinds of newspaper in shops.

I’m not quite understand British newspaper. I stood near to the newspaper shelf and observed other customer’s action, then I took those newspapers which I have saw that it was bought by most people.


The first thing I notice is the newspaper format.

Some of them use board sheet, it’s quite a big format like The Times

Then I tried to slice into peaces of parts and combined them together.

This is easily to see that different format from different newspapers.


I also make some digital effect on Photoshop.





This one I composed previous drawing work with newspaper slices in Photoshop as well.

Quite interesting effect comes out.


There are some other newspaper work with black marker.


During this process, I tried to cross out all the NOUN in every sentences.

After that I also blocked all the text on the paper’s edge the I think it’s unnecessary, then linked with black line like a network.


IMAG1033 IMAG1033_00

Try the layer effect in Photoshop.



This one also following the same rule from the previous one.

This time I intended to leave the photo there and obviously attract audience eyes.

Is that interesting when you just see only a photos without words on the newspaper?

How can you think when it only a photo? Can somebody give story for the photo?


Pictures below are also using software to make visual effect in purpose .


Black and White only


mixed water color material.



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