[Ref.] Culture Development During Tough Times



Oil Pastel Drawings on Newspaper

Quote from Cultural Encounters: Arts in New York City
Write by vivianwu

“The final section of this exhibit that was brought to my attention was the uncensored oil painting drawings. Because it was extremely difficult for people to voice their opinions without getting into trouble, people resorted to expressing their feelings and thoughts about the apartheid period through drawings and artwork. The collection of oil pastel drawings indirectly captured the perspective of these people not only through the drawings on the newspaper, but in some cases how the drawing related to the news article in the background. I found this method of expression extremely creative, and strong because they found an alternative method to voice their opinions. This form of art, which was very prominent during this era, still continues on today as you can still find street artists creating art on newspapers today in places like Soho right here in NYC.”





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