Newspaper comparing work


I bought two newspapers for comparison – the guardian; and THE TIMES,
I consider that choose different political orientation of them,
that’s why I bought two of them.
The political orientation of the guardian is central-left and social literal,
central-right is the main orientation for THE TIMES.

I’m not going to explain or dig out the political method or other,
it’s just a comparison way that I can divided them.
I’m mot familiar with political issue, that is not my main point as well.

It’s quite interesting that thinking and comparing two different point of view.
I noticed that both the guardian and THE TIMES all mentioned some same topic,
I choose two topics of them which make me suddenly feel surprisingly.

Firstly, start from the guardian, here is a new for South Korea’s strike issue.


The guardian using half space to report this international news.
The tank photo is quite scare which really lead me imagined the war between two countries.

Then look at the same news on THE TIMES:

The Times00

On this newspaper, they decided spend whole sheet to concentrated on this issue,
it seems to be more serious, more powerful.

The biggest photo is North Korea plenary meeting,
and they has renounced the armistice with South Korea.

The red curtain on the back also make me feel strict and rigorous.

The other topic is an amazing performance in China.


The guardian is quite impressive- they using double sheet to show this brilliant dancing photo.

it’s too impressive to forgot it, might be because the red carpet attract my eyes.

Whole sheet of paper looks like a canvas.

Then, the same news, same photo on THE TIMES.

The Times01

Surprising? it’s just a side news on this newspaper.

I read the guardian before The Times so that this photo stuck on my brain at that time,
when I saw the same photos on The Times,
I can easily recall to the impressive photos the guardian made.

Quite amazing just compare two newspaper, and bring such totally different effect to me.


Wikipedia – life of British newspaper

the guardian

The Times


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