[REF.] Peter Kennard

Café of Equivalent$ by Peter Kennard & Cat Picton Philipps

Thanks Stephen share this awesome artist for me.

In its form and power, Peter Kennard’s art ranks among the most important of the late twentieth century.
It is important because it breaks the consensual silence surrounding the most urgent issues of the day.
His pictures brilliantly evoke the faces that cry out from the silent war.” 

– John Pilger. The Guardian 

Picture 2

Dispatches from an Unofficial War Artist
By Peter Kennard

 “Peter Kennard’s work is haunting. Eschewing words,
it insists upon not being forgotten.
His images are impossible to convey with words because of their unmistakable visual texture,
suggesting a strange amalgam of X-ray,
satellite image and slag. The future –
which for so long was a mine of gory rhetoric for those holding power –
today depends upon those who insist upon looking beyond their lifetime.
And to do this we have to scrutinise, like Peter Kennard,
our nightmares and suppressed hopes.
His art cannot be ignored.”
– John Berger, The Guardian

Newspaper No.3 by Peter Kennard

Picture 3


Peter Kennard:  http://www.peterkennard.com/main/my_art/publications/dispatches/dispatches.htm

Interview: Peter Kennard


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