final Newspaper work

IMAG1052 IMAG1053 IMAG1054

There are some hand drawing that I tried at first.
Before do newspaper pasted work I wondering  find a suitable frame, what kind of the frame I like?
What kind of the figures I prefer to depict on newspaper?



one of the draft shows the fear on the paper,
this one I’d like to insert it into financial issues.






Day by day, I already got many newspaper around me,
I have enough material I could use.(well, I hope so.)
At the final weeks, I focus on the guardian and The Times.


IMAG1059     IMAG1061


the initial work, cut down the text from newspaper and arrange them in suitable place.

this step is really interesting, especially when I take the figures away from the original newspaper
and arrange them in  totally different way and position.
Actually I try to make some funny on it,
like insert a dog dead model between two man who shake their hands,
the soccer are flying etc.




that is the initial format for my first thought.
the RED and GREEN photos are origin from the guardian, I really like the color which bring to me,
also I consider to bind them like a book but I give up this idea because I just worry that
two photos are not my photography works.
Although I like it, I still do not want to just take them as my works.


Here are the final newspaper work.


IMAG1064    IMAG1065

Tool: pencil
I draw many character on newspaper, give them full of different emotion.




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