The Actors Who Living In Newspapers


still looking for other element suitable to this “get rid of EU man”


A collection I wanna try.

I think that would be interesting when collected the photos from newspaper everyday and combine them together.

*the photos should be different from every day of course.

*some people may appear many times (they are figures) > Are they  important for public audience?

DSC05253 DSC05256 DSC05257 DSC05258

A collection book which recorded the photos from everyday newspaper.

*Also recorded the date which this photos taken.

*the day story on one page

It seems to be fun when all the images look like a everyday process.

even can easily know what the headline in everyday just only see these pictures.

> looking for the interesting Heading words, it can collected as well!

*Another try.

UK seems to change the visa to bring back China middle-class  tourist (have a lot of money)  because they avoid to travel in UK because of RED TAP.

the representative took photos with traditional opera actress in Beijing.

“Thumb up if you love to shopping in UK.”



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