French Newspaper Removes All Images In Its Pages, Shows The Power Of Photography

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For the first time in its history, French newspaper Libération has printed an edition in which all photographs have been removed.

Unveiled last week on 14 November 2013, which was also Paris Photo’s opening day, these empty frames show that images are essential to news reportage.

This deliberate act serves to show the importance of photography in journalism, be it in print or digital forms. The newspaper is also protesting against the “calamitous situation” faced by press photographers—many have been laid off as some news agencies prefer to ask journalists to take pictures with their iPhones instead.

Although this action may be extreme, it does serve to prove that we are relying on images more than ever to convey information, and that professional photography is still important for effective communication in media.


[Some comments from the readers]

As a former newspaper graphic designer, I must point out that although photographs are essential to most coverage, there are so many times when a graphic is absolutely necessary. A story about the revision of a logo for a major corporation, a map showing locations of important local information involving construction, crime, new businesses, etc. How about the changes in zip codes, voting zones or the perimeters of townships. And my biggest pet peeve of all: “brackets” for sports playoffs! Let the reader travel smoothly through the paper instead placing “hurdles” for them to figure out,

The power of photography can never be ignored in journalism, like the popular say “Seeing is Believing.

Photography has become such a commodity – its good to remind people of its power


[Source] DesignTAXI


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